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Used and Trusted by:

Used and Trusted by:


ESA explores new materials and technologies for space applications. Learn how we brought them the freedom to experiment and innovate – without wasting resources in the process.


Super compact plastic recycler. Offering industrial grade performance. The power to create your own plastic granulate. Find out more.


Our Composer and Precision filament makers help you break new ground in the development, production and recycling of 3D printing materials. Find out more.


“All-in-All, the extruder is a cost-saving alternative for our 3D printing needs, as it cuts out expensive purchases and deliveries of ready-made filament.”

Svein A. Hjelmtveit Laboratory Manager NTNU

“Navigating the menu was intuitive and the pre-set list is adequate for the first steps of processing.”

Pere CastellNanotechnology Manager Aitiip

“As of this moment, we are extruding a new type of material weekly.”

Martin Olofsson Laboratory EngineerPerstorp

“It is a lot more flexible than our big extruder. Quick to use and doesn’t need lots of material. This device allows us to conduct most tests as part of a research projects with other companies.”

Kurt van Houtte Coordinator FablabGhent University

“The machine is perfectly suitable for small batch extrusion in short time-frames, and allows you to immediately proceed with material testing and analysis.”

Mathias Czasny Materials Scientist Technical University Berlin

“The NEXT Extruder is ideal for proceeding with immediate testing and analysis as it requires the minimum amount of input material, unlike the other extruders which require a minimum input of one kilogram.”

Corinne van Noordenne Researcher and LecturerStenden University

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Precision Composer filament maker extruder
Bio PE Test
PVA Bait bag with bait inside.

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