Make Filament Out of Recycled Plastic

Start taking initiative over your recycling projects

What makes our Filament Makers so special?

3devo offers a sustainable end-to-end solution for filament making

A sustainable approach

Our products let you transform unneeded plastic and failed 3D prints into brand new filament

Cost-effective results

Compared to industrial equipment, 3devo significantly lowers your initial setup cost without compromising on quality.

Pre-step 1

Shred your plastic

When recycling plastics, you’ll need to grind
it down into pellets or regrinded shards before
properly pe-purposing it.

Pre-step 2

Dry your plastic

Polymer Dryer

Drying your materials is crucial for any hygroscopic polymer,
not just recycledplastics. This process will prevent
any cosmetic and structural problems to the filament.

Step 1

Melt your plastic

By making filament, you hold the power
to take initiative over your polymer experiments, while
minimizing material waste and shortening lead times.

Step 2

Re-print your plastic

It’s that simple to transform old prints into useable
filament . Feel great about taking part in incorporating
sustainability into 3D printing practices.

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Start taking initiative over your polymer projects

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