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3devo: 5 Years Later

Looking back at past, present, and future!
5 Years of 3devo

3devo Opens its First Office in the U.S.

It’s official – 3devo now has an address in the U.S.! If you’ve been following our journey for a while now…

This Is Why 2019 Is a
Game-Changing Year for 3devo


3devo birthday 1 | 3devoSince 3devo was officially found in 2016, we have come a long way. It has been an exciting journey full of mutual learning, innovation, and breakthroughs which is why we are proud to celebrate our three-year anniversary this month. So far this year we’ve celebrated our anniversary, several new product launches, and our first-time presence at one of the worlds largest expo for 3D printing in the United States Just to list a couple of reasons why this year has been a game-changing one for us.

We are very proud to see how well our innovations are perceived within the 3D printing community which is why we are actively trying to expand our presence. The many 3D printing events we have attended have allowed us to exchange expertise with innovators, researchers and industry-leading experts.

So far this year, we have traveled the world to showcase our innovations in Russia, Finland, the United States, Spain, and France. In this blog post, we would like to share some impressions of the experiences we had in Moscow, Helsinki, Detroit, Bilbao, and Lyon.  


Interplastica – Moscow, Russia

Interplastica moscow | 3devoEarlier this year, Anton Komarov  represented 3devo at the Interplastica exposition which took place from the 28th – 31st of January. Anton experienced an exciting exposition with 25,000 visitors. For three days Moscow turned into a hotspot for innovation full of 3D printing enthusiasts that showed a great deal of interest in modern machinery and plastic processing equipment.

moscow anton e1560435553657 | 3devoThis exposition was a great opportunity not only for 3devo but for the whole industry to expand beyond the western economic area and to bring 3D printing innovation to a new market. It was great to see that even though Russia has been suffering under heavy sanctions for four years, numerous foreign exhibitors were attracted to showcase their latest innovations. We are happy that also Anton got the chance to introduce 3devo and our filament making ecosystem to an exciting new market. Despite not having fully utilized the possibilities of additive manufacturing just yet, we believe that the Russian market will have a strong drive in the near future.

Nordic 3D Expo – Helsinki, Finland

Nordic 3d expo finlandShortly after Russia, two of our account managers, Anton Komarov and Pedro Lima, headed to Finland to attend Nordic 3D expo, which took place from the 3-4 of April. This expo was the first of its kind in Scandinavia and Northern Europe to focus on 3D printing and 3D technologies. It was great to see a wide range of 3D printing professionals and enthusiasts, alongside other 3D technology companies, students and hobbyists.

Rapid TCT – Detroit, United States

rapid tct 2 | 3devo

“It was great to meet so many people from the Additive Manufacturing industry and to engage with experts that have advanced plastics and manufacturing knowledge’’ – Tim Wesselink, CEO

The next stop on our journey was Detroit. We were proud to have participated at one of the world’s most influential additive manufacturing events: The RAPID TCT which took place from the 21st – 23rd of May. More than 400 exhibitors from over 20 countries presented groundbreaking additive manufacturing technologies, provided interactive learning experiences and held inspiring keynote presentations.

Our 3devo representatives along with CEO, Tim Wesselink, gave live-demos of our filament extrusion ecosystem and got to engage with industry experts, discussing the latest 3D technologies.

rapid tct | 3devo

The Rapid TCT usually gathers all kinds of participants whether that’s businessmen, inventors, researchers or hobbyists, and it was therefore a great experience to bring all of our technologies to users across a whole wide range of industries. With two of our machines extruding PLA and other materials non-stop, our team was swamped by curious visitors with deep plastics and manufacturing knowledge. We hope to also welcome you there next year!

ADDIT3D –  Bilbao, Spain

bilbao spain addit3d e1560433282603 | 3devo

Shortly after our team got back from the United States they headed out to attend the ADDIT3D in Bilbao from the 4th – 6th of June. This event was another great meetup of more than 1000 firms from 35 countries and 20,000 visitors interested in the latest developments of the industry.

bilbao Timo Pedro e1560435450546 | 3devoOur team, which consisted of Timo van der Laak (Material specialist) and Pedro Lima (Account manager), had a great time in Bilbao exchanging opinions, tips, tricks and future perspectives with hundreds of industry professionals. As many of our existing customers are located in the European region, this expo was a great opportunity to get to know each other personally and to foster relationships with the 3D printing community.

3D Print Congress – Lyon, France

While two of our 3devo representatives went to Bilbao, Anton Komarov (Account manager) and Louis Rinaldo (Material specialist) went to the 3D print congress in Lyon which also took place from the 4th – 6th of June. This exposition was particularly hands-on and allowed visitors to participate in workshops, conferences and innovation awards. Our team got the chance to interact with innovators from all 3D printing related sectors and exchange opinions with other material processing companies. Despite the 3D print congress with 4000 visitors being a little smaller compared to the other expositions, it was a full-blown success. We hope to get to see you there next year too!

Lyon Louis filament | 3devo

We still have upcoming Events! 

So far, 2019 has been awesome for 3devo. However, we love to keep looking forward. Later this year, we’ll be present at both the TCT in Birmingham and at the Formnext in Frankfurt. We’ll be giving away tickets to those two conferences as the dates approach, so be sure to keep an eye out. We hope to see you there!


24-26 September, 2019

Birmingham, UK


19-22 November, 2019

Frankfurt, Germany



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What is the Future of 3D Printer Filament?


You may find yourself standing over a cold 3D printer asking questions “How can I make my 3D models stand out more?” or even  “What is the meaning of filament?”.  Well, we have some news for you. You are not alone.

Filament is the lifeblood of most 3D printers. Without it, you couldn’t print your designs.

Once you have an understanding of the basics of filament, keeping up to date with the latest innovations and trends in 3D printing and filament technology will help you continue to improve your craft. Increasing your capabilities allows you to make more with less and produce prints that were previously out of your reach.

Patent Drawing for First 3D Printer

Patent Drawing for First 3D Printer Patent. 3D Printing Filament has come a long way since its first applications in the early 80’s – from primarily being made of single use resins to the re-formable, highly durable plastics used today.

One thing is certain, the filaments used in 3D printing will continue to evolve. The best makers know the …

Top Trends in 3D Printer Filament

  1. Improvements in 3D Printing Technology
  2. Increased Variety of Exotic Blend Filament
  3. Powdered Materials for Custom Blends
  4. Experimental and Optimized Filaments
  5. Custom Filament Colors
  6. Recycled Materials in Filament
  7. Plant Based, Sustainable Filament
  8. Spool-less Filament Rolls


1. 3D Printing is Becoming More Affordable
With printers becoming less expensive and more efficient, small businesses and startups are getting their own 3D printing setups to increase the speed of product development. New types of businesses are utilizing this technology for different applications as well.

Though we aren’t past the “Should I Buy a 3D Printer” stage, the industry has developed greatly in recent years. More printers on maker’s desks means more projects will be printed and more filament will be used.


2. Exotic Blends Are Friends

Filament blends allow you to create the right look and physical properties for your 3D printing project. If “Exotic Materials” sound exciting to you, it’s because they are.  Here are some of the hottest blends out:

  • Wood – looks great with its natural tones and can even transfer the scent of the donating tree.
  • Metal – strong, heavy and sleek. Using it can also make your prints magnetic and carry an electrical charge or signal.
  • Minerals – such as sandstone, glass and gemstones can be added to create different textures, finishes and other properties to the filament.
3d printer for plastic | 3devo

Exotic materials such as wood and metal are being used to generate specific properties in filament.


3. Powders Mix Better (than granulate)

Though it takes more time to produce, powdered feed stock mixes more uniformly for complex filament formulations. As new material blends are created, powdered feed material is getting a respectable place in filament production.

Specifically, higher concentrations of metals and exotic materials can be mixed when using powders and the filament consistency is much higher for complex blends.


4. Experiment and Control

Different projects have different requirements. While 3D printing is now established enough for commercial use, it is still at a stage where improvements can be made to filaments.

You can come up with your own formulations for best results which is very helpful in the prototype stage. By testing the attributes of different filament blends and logging the results, you can optimize your filament to suit specific project needs. Get your calculator out!


5. Customized Filament Colors

Variety is the spice of life. Having a wide array of colors to choose from is great help in making a vivid 3D print. In the past, there weren’t as many color options available for printer filament.

Sometimes, the color has to be exact. Makers are now creating their own custom filament colors to match branding or visual requirements for their clients and project requirements.

There are even companies like colorFabb that can create a vast range of filament colors for you to use on your 3D printing project.

alt colors colours

No longer stuck with a handful of options, 3D Printer Filaments Colors can be customized to project needs.


6. Time to Recycle

With the cost of quality filament extruding equipment coming down, it is easier than ever to make your own custom blend of filament to fit your project’s needs, including strength, appearance.

You can now recycle your existing models, print waste and even plastic bottles by first breaking it up, grinding it down, and then granulating it to a consistent size. Then you can take that granulate and form filament with an extruder.


7. Made From Sustainable Materials

Some may say that our environment has seen better days. Filaments made from PLAs (polylactic acid) use a plant based plastic that is biodegradable.

These new filaments made from plants, called bio-plastics or biopolymers, are sustainable and less likely to clog up landfills as they break down naturally over time.

3d filament plant based

3D Printing Filaments can be made from sustainable, plant-based plastics


8. Too Cool for Spools

Filament spools are heavy to ship and create a lot of waste for busy printers.

Recently, there has been a push to remove the spool from filament rolls. Look out for MakerSpool, a printable spool to load spool-less filament stock onto for
the feed cycle.

A lot of makers are extruding their own material around used filament spools, saving the need for shipping and disposing of print waste.

Future of Filament – Now You Know

Now that you know all the latest trends and innovation in the world of 3D Printing Filament Technology, perhaps you will incorporate it into your next project or streamline your materials sourcing.

At 3devo, we’re just getting started. Make sure to subscribe to our social media to keep up to date with everything 3D Printing.

Did we miss anything? Are you or your organization doing anything exciting in the world of 3D printing? Drop us a line here.


How To Become A Filament Extrusion Expert!



We have some exciting news today that a lot of our clients have been waiting to hear. Filament extrusion is about to get much, MUCH simpler. And not because there’s a new 3devo machine on the block. This time we’re making it possible for you to do more with your Filament Maker or SHR3D IT. We are presenting DevoTraining, a series of in-depth workshops designed for manufacturers, researchers, educators, or anyone with interest in 3D printing and material development.

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Your own hands-on filament extrusion workshop!

Background Image Login | 3devo

What makes DevoTraining unique, and why would you choose it over other filament extrusion courses? For years now, we’ve been working to make material development accessible for various industries and applications. Simplicity was the idea behind our newly upgraded, result-oriented filament makers, and it is the main idea behind our hands-on workshops as well. The DevoTraining programs are the first of their kind in the industry. They won’t just give you a broad overview of filament extrusion. They’re designed to address YOUR needs and to fill any gaps that may be preventing you from getting the results you want from your 3devo machine.

The demand for unique 3d printing materials is ever-growing, which requires new knowledge on how to process it. With DevoTraining, we offer the answers to those innovators who seek to take matters into their own hands.

At our hands-on workshops, you’ll deal with the actual, practical realities of making filament at your desk. You’ll also understand how to use your 3devo machine to develop or recycle the materials you want. And because we’ll train you at our Utrecht headquarters, you’ll have access to all the equipment, materials and resources you need.

Different courses for different requirements:


extrusion, filament maker, infographic, 3devo, polymer


You can choose a DevoTraining program based on your existing filament extrusion knowledge, material development needs, or the specific applications for which you’re hoping to use your 3devo machine. We are currently offering 3 options, ranging from half-day modules to two-day programs.

  1. DevoNovice – Your perfect introduction to making filament
    DevoNovice is a carefully structured 4-hour course that will get you started with desktop filament extrusion. This workshop is designed for beginners with little or no prior knowledge of material development. It’ll cover the basics of desktop filament extrusion and introduce you to the parts, features and basic material settings of your 3devo Precision or Composer filament maker.
  2. DevoProficient – Taking you a step closer to your material making goals
    Participants with some knowledge or experience in filament making and 3D printing can opt for DevoProficient. This is a full-day (8-hour) workshop that offers intermediate-level training. Want to learn how to mix or recycle plastics, and increase your existing knowledge of materials? If so, this is the perfect course for you. Not just that, DevoProficient will also bring you up to speed on maintaining and troubleshooting your 3devo machine.
  3. DevoMaster – Helping experts unlock new possibilities in filament making
    DevoMaster is a 2-day (16-hour) workshop designed for extrusion experts. If you’re already well-versed with filament making and want to take your knowledge a step further, choose this course. This advanced training program will help you work with new materials and innovate more with your 3devo machine. Plus, you’ll get to bounce your ideas off our material scientists. In terms of course content, DevoMaster has advanced modules on material mixing, plastic recycling, troubleshooting, and maintenance. And there’s a bonus: fully customized modules that you can have us tailor to your specific requirements!

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How to Register for a DevoTraining program?

Wallpaper 003 | 3devo

From extrusion experts to 3D printing enthusiasts, the DevoTraining workshops are open to all. Are you looking to understand your 3devo machine a bit better? Or would you like to learn more before you purchase a desktop filament maker? Come join us at Utrecht for an immersive, hands-on workshop led by our material scientists and engineers. To choose a program that best fits your needs, check out the course comparisons, details and FAQs on the DevoTraining webpage. Then get in touch with our sales team who’ll be happy to answer your questions and schedule your workshop. See you soon!

Do you still have any unanswered questions about filament extrusion? Contact us via email, and we will be happy to discuss it in further detail or visit our blog if you’d like to know more.



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Our Filament Makers Just Got Better

Precision,Composer, filament maker, extruder, 3d printing, 3devo

Meet the brand-new Precision and Composer series

These past few months have been exciting here at 3devo. We looked into everything that made our filament makers a success, and everything that could make them better. Now we’re proud to announce two new-and-improved series of products. Here’s a first look at the Precision Series and Composer Series filament makers. These latest devices make working with materials simpler than ever, offering even more possibilities in manufacturing and innovation.

Focused on better results

Our NEXT filament maker found numerous amounts of applications in industries ranging from education and research to manufacturing and aerospace. They brought users a variety of benefits including shorter lead times, reduced material waste, and increased control over material making. Also, they facilitated material research and customization, while introducing the precision of industrial filament making to desktop-based setups.

However, we realized that our filament makers could serve these purposes even better – if they focused on specific requirements. Our new Precision and Composer Series filament makers are specialized, result-oriented machines aimed at simplifying the material making process. Each in a different way.

The Precision Series filament maker

The Precision series enables mass production of 3D printing filament with improved speeds and diameter accuracy. With a high-flow extruder screw, this allows filament to be produced at high speeds while also maintaining diameter precision.

The Composer Series filament maker

The Composer series targets material mixing and experimentation, allowing innovators to develop custom filament from a wide variety of polymers and additives. With a mixing screw, this delivers quality material mixing and compounding.

Both series have two additional models that address material-specific requirements. The Precision 350 and the Composer 350 can handle temperatures up to 350°C, allowing them to comfortably process polymers including PLA, ABS, PC, PS, PETG, TPU, TPE, PPS, PA (6,12,66) along with others. The Precision 450 and the Composer 450 have higher temperature tolerances (up to 450°C), which means they can additionally process high-performance polymers like PAEK, PSU, PTFE, PVDF and more.

Find out more about choosing the perfect 3devo filament maker.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Our new filament makers contain numerous upgrades and improvements to deliver even better results. Here is what we improved:

Swappable design

Every Precision and Composer model has an improved extruder system with an innovative ‘swappable’ design. We’ve designed the entire extruder system – extruder screw, barrel, die-head, motor and heaters – as an independent, removable unit to simplify cleaning, repair and maintenance. Disassembling and reattaching this unit is a quick and simple process that users can  now manage on their own.

Advanced heating system

Efficient temperature handling is central to high-quality filament extrusion. To this end, we’ve upgraded the heating system. All Precision and Composer filament makers now contain ceramic band heaters with 4 controllable heating zones. Each heater is handcrafted in-house to ensure top-of-the-line quality.  Giving you complete control over the extrusion process. To further improve filament quality, all machines have hoppers with closeable caps to prevent material contamination.

Upgraded software

In addition to their enhanced design and build, our new-generation filament makers have upgraded software that improves their thermal stability by up to 35%.

Stay in the loop

We’re also in the works of developing a web app with cloud access, which will enable active data logging of extrusion tests. But that is a topic for a future post, so stay tuned! In the meantime, learn more about our Precision and Composer series here.

filament maker 350 450 composer precision