Learn about inspiring applications in 3D printings and the remarkable outcomes that follow.

How-To Build Your Own Fume Hood

The best alternative to buying a fume hood is to build one yourself. Follow these easy steps to learn how to build an effective fume hood on a budget.

3devo: 5 Years Later

Looking back at past, present, and future!
5 Years of 3devo

A Revolution Is Coming With 3D Printed Houses

The revolution of 3D Printed Houses is here. You can 3D print houses faster, cheaper, and with less manual labor. What does this mean for our future?

The Ultimate Guide to PET Plastic

What makes PET the most used polymer? What is it, why is it used, and is it recyclable? This guide provides you with the answers to all your questions.

Hacettepe University Levels Up

Hacettepe University needed a tool that could level up their polymer R&D process. Thankfully, 3D3 Technology was able to get them exactly what they needed. Learn more…

Reducing Plastic Consumption With Lunar Powder

For long missions, astronauts need proper tools that allow them to be self-reliant. ESA has the solution to reduce costs and minimize plastic sent into space. The answer? Lunar Powder!

3D Printing Cutting-Edge Acoustic Parts at Sika Automotive

Thanks to the efficiency and control offered by the filament makers, Sika’s lead times were reduced by 90% for SikaBaffle® components!

3D printing With Recycled Filament

It’s time to 3D print with the filament we extruded from our plastic recycled waste. Let’s get to it!

Extruding Plastic Waste into Filament

Time to extrude your plastic waste into filament! We have listed a couple of things for you that you should consider first before extruding.

How To Shred Plastics

Let’s talk about the steps you need to take to produce quality filament from your regrinds