Learn about inspiring applications in 3D printings and the remarkable outcomes that follow.

5 Steps to Recycle PET Plastic into 3D Printing Filament

The plastic we’ve all come across at one point, PET, is more than just a one-time use material. Here are 5 steps to repurposing this plastic into more!

Plastic Shortage – The Best Solution to Overcome

The world is battling a plastic shortage, and companies can overcome this challenge with pragmatic solutions. Discover the best cost-effective solution now!

The Fundamentals of Material Selection

You’ve chosen a material to extrude and 3D Print with, but it’s not doing what you want. Here are the factors to look out for when choosing your material.

Introducing Our Latest Plastic Shredder

The past year and a half have been busy here; we collected what we’ve learned from the past years and we are proud to announce the launch of a Smart 2-in-1 shredder and granulator.

Innovative Expos to Find 3devo At This Year!

Over a year of restrictions and canceled events, 3devo is excited to meet old and new friends, partners, and clients at three European Expos this year! Find out which ones!

Education With a Circular Economy at Lapland University of Applied Sciences

A student at Lapland University of Applied Sciences realized a sustainable education with a circular economy at their 3D Lab through her thesis.

When Do I Start Spooling Filament?

You know how to spool, but do you know when? Here are the certain qualities and settings to look out for before spooling.

How To Build Your Own Fume Hood

The best alternative to buying a fume hood is to build one yourself. Follow these easy steps to learn how to build an effective fume hood on a budget.

3devo: 5 Years Later

Looking back at past, present, and future!
5 Years of 3devo