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RapidPro Award 2016

We are happy to announce that we have been elected for the RapidPro Start-Up Award! At the beginning of March we attended the RapidPro 2016 exposition. This is one of the most important conventions in The Netherlands regard prototyping, production and product development. Leading organizations and speakers presented their latest innovations in the field of […]

PEEK Extrusion

PEEK, the superman of polymers. Currently one of the most popular high performance plastic materials on the market. In the polymer space, it would be tough to find something tougher than PEEK. It exhibits excellent mechanical and thermal properties, chemical inertness, creep resistance at high temperatures, very low flammability, hydrolysis resistance, and radiation resistance. These […]

A Guide To FDM Printable Plastics And 3D Printing Filament

When it comes to 3D printing, we are witnessing a huge wave of development, either in the 3D printing technology or in the use of innovative (something simpler). The process of producing 3D prints from various materials is generally called Additive Manufacturing (because the object is produced by adding a number of material layers until finish). In the past years, 3D printing has greatly evolved, featuring several new manufacturing techniques.

What is a Filament Extruder?

What are we building? 3devo is developing a filament extruder. This is a machine that processes plastic pellets into a plastic wire. This plastic wire (filament) is mainly used as printing material for 3D printers, in a manner similar to an ink cartridge being used by a regular printer. Overall, filament is extruded on an […]