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Bringing Accessible Innovation
To Mission Areas

  3devo products have become powerful tools in the development of research projects. By proving a total concept recycling solution at fingertips reach, it facilitates central testing areas for experimentation. Searching For a Total-Concept Recycling Solution Dutch Defense and Research Institute, TNO, had been looking for a solution for recycling plastic waste.  They came to […]

How To Become A Filament Extrusion Expert!

    We have some exciting news today that a lot of our clients have been waiting to hear. Filament extrusion is about to get much, MUCH simpler. And not because there’s a new 3devo machine on the block. This time we’re making it possible for you to do more with your Filament Maker or […]

Why You Should Learn About Filament Extrusion

Quite often, filament is seen as a simple material used in 3D printing. However, learning filament extrusion and understanding its ways can lead to greater knowledge of 3D printing as a whole. By taking your knowledge one step further, you’ll learn the importance of filament extrusion and the many benefits that come along with it. […]

Our Filament Makers Just Got Better

Meet the brand-new Precision and Composer series These past few months have been exciting here at 3devo. We looked into everything that made our filament makers a success, and everything that could make them better. Now we’re proud to announce two new-and-improved series of products. Here’s a first look at the Precision Series and Composer […]

Extruding Polyphenylene sulfide on the Advanced Level desktop filament extruder

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is a high performance engineering plastic with high heat, acid, alkali, UV and abrasion resistance coupled with high dimensional and thermal stability. The plastic is also inherently flame retardant (material has been UL94 V-0 classed)  and has excellent water resistance. PPS as a material is new to Additive Manufacturing and currently little […]

Extruding polycarbonate (PC) on the NEXT 1.0 Advanced desktop filament extruder

Polycarbonate (PC) is a widely used strong, tough, stiff and durable thermoplastic polymer. Polycarbonate is used widely in construction, eyewear, consumer electronics, food packaging and the automotive industry (headlights, interiors). It can be transparent, be an electrical insulator and is known to have good thermal resistance and very good impact resistance.  There are hundreds of grades of PC varying from filled variants […]

Making PVA Filament with the NEXT 1.0 Advanced

PVA or polyvinyl alcohol is a relatively rare material in industry and is usually very difficult to process. Water acts like a plasticizer for PVA and the material is water soluble. This means that any humidity can adversely affect its performance and even eventually break it down. PVA is used in glues and also in bait […]

3devo attends Formnext, a great 3D printing and additive manufacturing show

Lisette, Lucas, Jasper and Tim visited the Formnext show in Frankfurt for 3devo. Formnext is one of the biggest shows in 3D printing. The show attracts many players from across the 3D printing industry from industrial metal printing companies to compounders and software vendors. This year over 13,000 visitors attended the show visiting 307 exhibitor stands. […]

Developing PA 12 FDM Filament with the 3devo Filament Extruder

At 3devo our NEXT 1.0 Advanced (Industrial) Desktop Filament extruders can be used to make all manner of grades of plastics and filaments. Many customers of ours want to use the machine to develop lots of different types of plastics. Some are interested specifically in one polymer in particular. One thermoplastic that our customer’s were specifically […]

3devo launches the first Industrial Desktop Filament Extruders

3devo has just launched not one but two Industrial Desktop Filament Extruders, the 3devo NEXT 1.0 and 3devo Advanced. Whereas there have been several notable maker made filament extrusion devices and there are many different types of large industrial extruders available, the 3devo machines are the first of their kind. The NEXT and Advanced put […]